Promiss suit

“There is so much wrong with this look”my friend said.
The pants are too wide, the blazer doesnt look good, you can see your socks popping out of your heels, it’s chaotic, nothing is matching. Why are you uploading this?
She couldn’t be more right and she couldn’t be more wrong.
The fact that we are so led by fashion rules annoys me. Who decided that these pants arent my fit? If some celeb walks around with the same pants, if Vogue decides oversized women-suits is this years summer trend then we all cheer and follow the trend like a herd. But a little blogster from a little town in the middle of nowhere shouldn’t do something so strange as wearing her mothers suit with a screaming red hat and yellow sunnies.

And you know what. I love this look and I think it’s one of my favourites .


Suit | Promiss
Hat | Choies
Shoes | Ivyrevel
Sunnies | River Island

Photographer | Lisanne de Jager


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