Hair paradise with T3Micro

Where to start? So many choice… so many options! My head (and hair) literally exploded when opening my T3Micro present. In my years as a model a saw some quite asthonisting hair kit collections.. but this topped everything. After the first excitement slowly settled down, I suddenly realised that I wasn’t a great hair guru at all. Time to bring in the expert that could fix my messy, knotted hair and curl it gorgeous with these babes.

First things first.

A tourmaline blow-dryer, that makes wet hair dry faster than the speeding car of your rich uncle Bennie. If you have long luscious hair… 7 minutes is al you need. And that is absolutely true.

Alright time to curl my hair… almost.
My hair has a mind of its own and if I don’t brush it two times a day, dreads will appear. I never comb my hair but use a fake Maison Pierson brush (because €100,- for a brush.. seriously?).





I was a bit hesitant at first, but the barrel brush doesn’t rip my hair out. It feels smooth and pleasant. Although I like it, I do stick with my own brush. Even though my friend would chose the barrel brush without any doubts.






Curl it up

We started off with some big curls using one of the whirl trio’s.  As soon as we started we already notice the electrifying speed of the heating process. The curling iron has warmed up in no time and so are your curls. Normally it feels forever for your hair to accept its new shape, but with T3 its just a matter of seconds (and really don’t proceed any longer). The result is fast and just like you want to it.

Results of the 1.5″ straight barrel

Time to cascade some waves.

The Cascading Waves  .75″- 1.25″ reversed tapered barrel is love at first sight. This babe gives me the hair I’m craving for. Again, curls were applied in no time, and with this protective glove your hands are also save.

Check out the results below.

I just had to do a little photoshoot ( 😀 )
Overall I’m very pleased with the results and especially the heating process. I’ve never experienced a curling iron to produce curls this fast. And with so many curl variations I really feel like a spoiled hair princess. I bet Rapunzel is jealous by now.


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