Dream with Atlinia’s Linen Sheets

We need sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things in our daily life. Besides rest, it also lets you process events, improves your memory and creativity. It helps you reduce the pain from traumatic events and decode facial expressions.
And the list goes on.

An average person needs 8 to 9 hour a sleep. It’s nonsense that people could live off on less sleep. Just an incredible tiny percent is okay with less sleep, and most likely that’s not you. Studies show that your mind starts deteriorating when it receives less sleep.
One day of no sleep and the following already starts to occur:

linen sheets

Lack of sleep

“It makes you dumber, more forgetful, unable to learn new things, more vulnerable to dementia, more likely to die of a heart attack, less able to fend off sickness with a strong immune system, more likely to get cancer, and it makes your body literally hurt more. Lack of sleep distorts your genes, and increases your risk of death generally, he said. It disrupts the creation of sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone, and leads to premature aging. Apparently, men who only sleep five hours a night have markedly smaller testicles than men who sleep more than seven.”
(Source: Wired).

The egg or the chicken?

The egg or the chicken?
Or to be awake or to be asleep?
Sleep scientists actually think sleep was there before the awakened state.

Sleep! But on which sheets?
There are so many options when it comes to sheets. To name a few: cotton, egyptian cotton, polyester, silk, rayon, flanel, sateen and linen. My favourite thus far is absolutely linen. And here is why…

Are linen sheets worth it?

Linen lasts through years and will get softer after each washing. It’s an all-natural and breathable fiber from the stalks of the flax plant. It keeps you cooler in warmer temperatures. The woven structure is longer and thicker (about 30 percent) compared to cotton fabric. Professionals argue that linen is naturally hypoallergenic and more environmentally friendly because of the flax seed fiber. Lastly, compared to cotton sheets they feel a bit heavier.

The best linen sheets.
Right now I am sleeping on french organic linen sheets from Atlinia. The flax seed originates from Normandy, France. They offer multiple soft colour choices to complement any bedroom. I’ve picked the flax colour.
Find out more via this Atlinia link.

How to wash linen sheets?

Make sure your washing machine is using cold water and on a gentle cycle. When linen becomes too heated it can cause early degradation and shrinkage.
Try to use a mild detergent and avoid fabric softeners and bleach. Harsh detergents like softeners are able to create stiffness due to the build-up on the linen. 


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