Midi Skirts

Midi Skirts… I do not understand them. They remind me of the fifties where woman (without any sarcasm ofcourse) happily polish their silverwear, cook food for the family and give their husband a dried martini after his long working hours. A time that guys nowadays still like to joke about (please choke on that olive).
And why wear a skirt that covers so much leg? I rather prefer the mini skirt or go all the way and go for the maxi one.

My feelings about the midi skirt are obvious. That’s why I decided to do some midi skirt surfing and find some examples that might change my mind… a bit.
After beeing let down by brands I had high hopes for I hit the jackpot on the first page of Newlook!


LEFT (New Look) : Yes I could see myself wearing this in combination with a white/black/blue/red/pinkish top. Damn, I might just buy this. | LINK |

RIGHT (Dezzal): Another skirt that caugt my eye on Dezzal.  I love this sandy/ocher color. With the classical lining I want to combine it with an eighties rock shirt for  that edgy twist. | LINK |


LEFT (River Island): I nice solution to show a little bit more leg, although I wonder if there is a stitch in the middle where the fabric meet eachother, otherwise it might show just too much. | LINK |

RIGHT (Asos): loving the cute button solution, but the “stylist” part in me wants to combines it with moto boots and a leather jacket.  | LINK |

LEFT (free people): Free people, a website where I love to drown in pretty boho images and gorgeous designs.. untill I see the pricetag and sadly move on. | LINK |

RIGHT (Mango): I can’t resist metallic colors. I absolutely love this one.  A black top is a safe solution, but I think yellow will also look gorgeous. | LINK |

Conclusion: I have some mixed feelings about midi skirts now. I had to dive deep into the ocean of skirts which appear in all sorts shapes, patterns and sizes. I believe you can seriously rock one and I have to admit, midi skirts are more practical than it’s smaller mini skirt sister.  As long as they are flared I might just give it a go. Besides, my boyfriend doesn’t drink martini and hates olives.



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Eva is een Nederlandse fashion blogger uit Twente. Na haar blog lancering in 2015 groeide ze al snel uit tot een edgy en streetstyle fashion blog waar je ook social media tips en marketing tricks vindt. Eva is actief op menig social media kanaal waaronder Instagram, Lookbook, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogsociety, Fashion Potluck en Bloglovin. Dit is één van de redenen waarom haar bereik ver gaat. Hoewel Eva zichzelf niet als een Nederlandse influencer ziet heeft ze samengewerkt met Livera, Violet Hamden, Defshop, Jo Malone, Ice-Watch, Benbits, Esprit, Innocent drinks en vele andere merken.