Gamiss webshop review

In the blog article I’m gonna review the chinese webshop Gamiss.

As you might have experienced, ordering at a Chinese webshop can lead to surprising results; receiving something that looks completely different than the picture, not getting anything at all or receiving an item that isn’t true to its size. That’s why I’m checking out if these shops are reliable and offer okay quality.
However, I base these ratings on my own experiences which might not apply to you.

The delivery of my Gamiss items was quick, but it was send using expedited shipping.  Be aware, expedited shipping is very expensive. It mostly costs more than your ordered items. I guess the average shipping time of Gamiss would be around 2/3 weeks if you live in Europe.

Quality of Sweater: 9
The fabric is not as firm and thick I secretly hoped for, but also not as thin as many other sweaters. It’s a decent price-quality ratio.
True to Image: 10
The sweater is true to its image.
True to size: 9
It could have been useful to see it on a model as it runs a little short, even though it’s promoted as a dress. But I’m also very tall.
Overall rating: 9.3

Quality of shoes: 7
I’ve never ordered shoes at a Chinese webshop before. Many cool designs stop at the size of 39 and I happen to have 40 (tear).
However I caught my eye on a pair of river stitched ankle boots and they are perfect. They do make some noise when walking, as they are not supported by a rubber layer and the shoe is basically made out of plastic. But  the price-quality ratio is in my opinion correct.
True to Image: 10
They totally look like the images on the website.
True to size: 9
In the beginning they felt a bit tight, but now they’ve adapted to my foot and they are true to my size.
Overall rating: 8

Quality of bag: 4
I was hoping for a new companion in my everyday life, but this bag didn’t made the cut.
True reason is fairly simple; the clasp doesn’t want to cooperate.  The bag shows a perfect price-quality ratio, but the magnetic clasps are too weak for the stiff fabric, making the bag open frequently and unintentionally.
True to image & size: 10
It looks exactly like the image.
Overall rating: insufficient.

Overall rating.
I’m sad about the bag, but happy with my new sweater and shoes. I would rate the overall experience as a 7.




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