Wild wild east

“We’ve just crossed the IJsselriver and that means we’ve entered the pretty side of the Netherlands called Twente.” The machinist jokes from his compartment.
I’ve traveled to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and back again. The big vibrant and hectic cities in the Netherlands, anthills full of people with missions and visions aiming for success and happiness. The smell of weed is a permanent factor in Amsterdam, the canals and inclining typical Dutch architecture the most loved sight for tourists. Yes, it’s great to be here.
I’ve been asked many times why I don’t live in Amsterdam. It’s the Hollywood for the Dutch modeling, fashion, design, photography and blogging industry of the Netherlands. All the things I love are concentrated in this city. They have a good point, if you want to be someone in that industry, better start in Amsterdam.
Yet, I enter without hesitation the express train that accelerates back through the flat landscape. Where the Dutch language slowly turns into a swallowed countrified vocabulary which is ridiculed by many.

Amsterdam is more tolerant and open minded than the east side of the Netherlands.
Yes, the’re living 15(?) times more people in Amsterdam, so ofcourse you will find more tolerant people and more close minded people. It’s the home of the gaypride, redlight district and weed smoke tourists. And the east associated with gruffness, perhaps(?) because it is less known. But rather than judging people from the east as less tolerant, I believe it depends on the people you hang out with and my friends and acquaintances are all just as tolerant back home.

There is much more to do and to discover in Amsterdam.
Yeah, I can’t argue with that, it’s the capital. There are uncountable events, more jobs, clubs, a big diversity in restaurants and bars. But, I’m seeing more and more crazy parties appearing here on the eastside. You just have to look. And isn’t it all about creating that legendary party with friends?
And besides the couple of parks, where is the nature?

It’s boring, full of farmer people.
Yes, and you are paying 5 times as much for the same amount of living space as I am. I can save that money, buy a car and drive 1,5 hours and be in the centre of Amsterdam. We live in a tiny country, everything is close by.
It’s stereotypical to think Twente is only filled with farmer people, Enschede for example, is stuffed with musicians, artists and tech nerds.
And I appreciate and value these so called generalized farmer people. It’s the sobriety I love the most, a sober and simple view of life. And boredom depends on yourself, because I’m never bored.

No, I’m fine right here. The air is fresh and the forests are filled with deer, foxes and birds. I want to feel grass and dirt under my feet, I want to see the stars at night and I want to hear animal sounds in the distant instead of cars, ambulances and feuding people. I lived in the bigger capitals like London and Milan, the sardine flats and the concentrated working crowd made me asphyxiated.
I love Amsterdam but I love Twente more. I understand why someone wants to move to Amsterdam, but that will not be me. I feel that there is still an invalid condescending view about this small outskirt, but that’s fine to me.
If everybody stays stacked in the west I have plenty of room to cover in the east.



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