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The smallest towns have a thrift shop. They are mostly located in an old building that come along with the smell of dust and old memories.  When I was young, I learned that secondhand stores are dirty places who sell old worn out clothes. Why buy something old, when you can buy something new? A few years ago I peaked inside a few of these stores again and discovered a goldmine.
Thrift shops are cool and I’ll give you 5 good reasons why.

Real creativity starts at a thriftstore.
Regular fashion shops are great. They have all the momentary trends, a ton of choices and always the basics that match with every clothing item. But these stores can also downgrade your creativity.  I see secondhand stores as a treasure hunt. With a large amount of clothing racks there’s always a hidden pearl, you just have to look for them. Plus, secondhand stores don’t have a particular trend you really have to reflect on your own style.
It’s cheap.
A wonderful jacket for 3 euro? A cocktail dress for 10 euro? A blazer for 4 euro?  It’s possible and evenmore, most of these items are of good quality.  Excluding “fast fashion”, you can’t really get any item in this price category at normal clothing stores.

Go environment.
According to “fashioning change” The retail manufacturing industry is, besides oil, the biggest polluter on earth. Fast fashion stores are in every city and define the street scene. Buy a lot, for little money and accept that your dress has to be thrown out after half a year due its low quality. I also plead guilty to buying at these stores. It’s a difficult topic, which I would like to discuss in the future.  For now I would like to point out that second hand shops are a great way to not participate in more climate damage.  Go environment!

You have something unique.
You got your hands on that wonderful dress from your favorite regular store and while you’re dancing your ass off in the club you notice that you aren’t the only one that wears this garment.  It’s difficult to shake the feeling of disappointment. It just makes that dress feel less special. Secondhand shops mostly have 1 unique item which solves this problem in a heartbeat.

Crazy day out.
Besides clothes, secondhand shops have such a variety of weird, great and funny items. It’s not difficult to have blast. I’ve never experienced any waiting line and I’ve always come home as a happy person.



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