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Sustainable fashion. Real fashion, true fashion, slow fashion. Our cities are flooded with cheap clothing stores and our disposable culture craves cheap and bad quality; why buy something expense that lasts when you can you buy cheap stuff and thus more stuff.

We are actually paying an even higher price because of it. Yes, the clothing industry is a big factor of our climate change and global warming have risen to an alarming state. But I’m not writing this blog article to lecture you. Instead I want to share some lovely information.

Over the years a lot of good initiative have started to connect fashion with sustainability.
Slow fashion brands are appearing more and more on the stage, secondhand trading platforms like Marktplaats and United Wardrobe are growing rapidly and even craftmanship is regaining popularity.

My United Wardrobe account where I sell a lot of clothes.

Even at my technical study classmates were busy trying to find sustainable solutions for pollution problems like designing new types of garments,
And to celebrate these inniatives, Jak and Jill have started the sustainable fashion awards.

The Sustainable Fashion Awards is open to designers and brands from every country, being either emerging talents or professionals, who are leading the way to a sustainable future, and have at least one completed project on this matter. The enrolled project can range from one garment to a full collection, and must fit into at least one of these socially-conscious and environmentally-friendly actions described below.
Eligible Sustainable Features
Handmade pieces;
Local manufacturing;
Develop fair trade;
Smart design;
Slow fashion;
Zero fabric waste;
Animal welfare;

Use of recycled, upcycled or organic materials;
Consider the full lifecycle of a product.


Why participate in the Sustainable fashion awards?

If you strongly believe that your brand is making fashionable products as well as carrying a responsible attitude when it comes to the environment and the people in it, please subscribe! Don’t miss your chance of winning $3.000 dollars and still donating the same amount to a NGO partner of this movement. For more information about the Sustainable Fashion Award 2018, check out the Terms & Conditions or FAQ.

How about you? What’s so sustainable about you?

Being a Dutch blogger about fashion might give the perception that I’m not really caring about the environment. I wear a lot of clothes, accept sponsorships from clothing companies that aren’t considered sustainable and more.
The truth is that a lot of my clothes are bought from secondhand stores and a lot of items are also borrowed from friends and/or family. I will write in the upcoming weeks an article about my wardrobe and where my clothing comes from.


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