Real eye candy

Getting glasses isn’t a punishment anymore. In fact, nowadays it’s like having a trendy accessory such as a bag.
The last time that my eyes have been checked must have been in 2012 and my one and only glasses are an impressive 10 years old. It’s definitely time for a new check up and a new pair of glasses, especially when Polette invites you over to one of their shops.

Before picking any glasses, your eyes will be measured while looking into a machine. This machine projects an oldskool picture that sharpens and becomes hazy. This machine calculates your eyesight and if possible a cylinder (and its degrees). Some stores might also perform an additional test with red/green colors.  My eyes are pretty okay, but when I’m driving I prefer to have 100% eyesight. Once your eyes have been measured the hard parts begins… finding those perfect pair of glasses.

Glasses don’t have to be expensive,
I always thought glasses were very expensive and they used to be. For many years an oligopoly (limited competition) set the standard. But glasses don’t have to be expensive! Lately, more and more eyewear brands are popping up on the market with lower prices and just as trendy designs. These shops mostly work without any in-between parties and glasses come straight from the producer. Now that’s some good news!

The perfect glasses.
The shape of your head is very important when picking a pair of glasses. My head is long and small and a small frame would just emphasize my facial shape. Turns out a rectangular spectacle frame would work best for me, but this also depends upon your taste of course. I initially thought that I would leave the shop with a black spectacle frame, but this color doesn’t fit me at all! My advice would be to try as many different shapes and color options as possible, even the ones you might not like. I received one pair of glasses with a warm yellow/orange color, which I didn’t like at all, until I saw the result in the mirror and fell in love.

Make pictures.
There is no way you can remember all the designs. I made several pictures during the fitting process and still I got confused along the way. At the end I just couldn’t choose between two designs and spoiled myself with both of them (with such prices there won’t be a hole in your wallet). I will show the results as soon as I got them.

Glasses don’t have to be expensive to be of good quality and a cool design. I’m thankful that the big companies are having some competition. Polette definitely proved their success as they’ve opened their second shop in Utrecht.  Hurray for some affordable eye candy.


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