Decorating my office


A couple of weeks ago I had a massive office cleanup. Almost nothing stayed, leaving it empty and spacious.
I’ve always been the practical type of girl and decorative shops weren’t my cup of tea.
However, I’m starting to believe that pretty furniture and decorative items are necessary to transform your house into a home. Matching items can flourish the entire space. Vases and small musthaves give that finishing touch and carpets contribute into that cozy feeling. That’s why I’m saving up for these items below. What do you think?

Carpet | Yellow is my favourite color and I’m saving up for this handmade aztec pattern carpet. I like to create a warm, simplistic but yet a hippie feeling. And this is the ultimate combination.
Chair | Everytime somebody visits, the’re struggles with getting an extra chair all the way up to the attic. Although I know this is an unpractical chair in every way, It’s love at first sight. Like a romantic version of the iron throne and I bet all my guests will feel like a boss.

Lamp | Jup the industrial style has a hold on me. I’m in love with this lamp. It has that nostalgic feeling without looking dirty.
Shoe shelf | This is a dream come true. I like these type of display shelves and I finally have room for it. Yes they are used for shoes (which ofcourse I have many of) but you can also display books and small picture frames. And best of all, it’s white colored.

Frames | I like to collect small items while I travel. Now I can display them in these industrial frames.
Hourglasses | The complete Madam stolz Hourglass collection. The only way to appreciate time in my opinion. I want all of them, or better said…I need all of them


Ants | I think these ants are just wicked cool as decorative items. Especially their size!
Wall racks | These wall racks offer the freedom to be displayed anywhere in my room without interfering with other furniture. Perfect!

Which item(s) do you prefer most? Take a look here for more inspiration!


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