Benbits. A new bubblegum approach


I normally don’t write about food. Even though I’m sucker for healthy food you will never see me waving with Goji berries or putting chia seeds in my breakfast. (Ok, I admit that I had a little healthfreak phase 5 years ago).
But when I saw BenBits bubblegum I could not resist to write about it and I have fairly good reasons!

I know too much about bubblegum, the ingredients, the flavor possibilities, the way it’s made and the degradability period of bubblegum. I even did a lecture about bubblegum in high school, for which I got an A (haha).The original gum comes from the Chicozapote trees (but there are more types of trees that produce gum), in which people climb and made cuts in which the gom drips down into a bucket. After a  few seps(heating, rolling processes, adding colors and flavors you’ll have bubblegum).
This process is time-consuming, so most real gom has been replaced with synthetic types.
Nowadays we use derivatives from the petrochemical industry.  Wait what???  There is more… that little piece that is left after all the flavor disappears, exists out of elastomers (rubbers), and resins from micro-waxes and fats.
Yummy! Especially if you realize that your body absorbs 65% of what you are chewing on.
Unfortunately, bubblegum has more dark sides.
Birds die because bubblegum gets stuck in their beak; feeding and drinking isn’t possible anymore. Removing gum from a small shopping malls easily costs 8500 euro.
And the degradation time of bubblegum is 20 to 25 years!!  Singapore, with their strict cleaning regime and high fines for throwing waste on the streets, doesn’t sound so foolish anymore. Did you know they even banned chewing gum?

No, as this story might suggest I’d rather skip a gum offering…  Until now.
Benbits made a bubblegum that is degradable within 3 years. That’s 7 times quicker! Their gom comes from the Chicozapotetree and produced in a sustainable way.
The ingredient list is reduced from a traditional 20, to 6 ingredients, all of wich are 100% natural.
And a little side note:  they have a salmiak variant which is absolutely tasty.
Try them out for yourself at AH and Marqt.



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