When taking pictures becomes a fulltime occupation

New Zealand is the most beautiful country I have ever visited. It has rainforests, deserts, snowy mountains, fjords, tropical beaches, pinewood trees, waterfalls, caves and the clearest water I have ever seen. I saw the most spectacular views and landscapes all for free and ofcourse I made a ton of pictures. In fact I probably made more pictures than the average chinese tourist. I reached a point that I almost got annoyed by myself. Trying to get that perfect shot for my blog and social media accounts. I became more occupied with angles and perspectives than to stopping for a second and enjoying my view.

I guess it’s that uncontinous blogging voice that demands better articles and more stunning pictures. Its a voice that can never be pleased, especially when its tags along with my perfectionism and the unrealistic comparison with great photographers I look up to. This always leads to unsatifying results and more importantly; forgetting what it’s all about.

I will never be as good as the photographers I look up to for several obvious reasons.
I’m not them, creative work is subjective and creative work can be as diverse as clothing preference. Somewhere along the way I forgot to get inspired and took on the role of becoming competitive. I think this is the wrong way to go as it eats up a great part of my energy and blocks my creativity. Instead of looking at others, it’s better to understand my own work and figure out what I like and why I like it.

For now I’ll take a couple of pictures and put my camera away. Instead of living through a lense I just breath it all in and find the same hapiness as I had as a child. To enjoy my view without feeling to urge to capture it for the wrong reasons.


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