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5 beautiful destinations in Europe.

I like to travel, it runs in the family. Nowadays packing, booking, flying and traveling has become so easy.
Their are just 4 things I do beforehand.

-A good packing list
I still use the same packing list as 5 years ago. The best thing about this list is that I never pack unnecessary stuff. (okay perhaps clothes.. But isn’t that a girl thing?)

-Plane tickets
We all know the cheap airline companies and the comparison websites. To be honest, this is my least favorite part. I’m terrified of flying.

-A good hotel deal.
Airbnb,, trivago… you name it. These comparison websites are ideal for finding the best deal.

I love EasyTerra. Instead of paying for an expensive cab (or a very expensive rental car) and depending on public transport you can book your rental car in advance on EasyTerra. It works just like cheaptickets/ and it’s independent.


My top 5 travel destinations.

Italy – Milan/Como

I’ve lived in Milano for more than 6 months and even though this city breathes history, business and parties. I needed to feel some grass under my feet from time to time. That took me to lago di Como, a 30 min drive from Milan. It’s not wonder George Clooney has a house over there. It’s absolutely stunning. And did you know that the Fairytale villa built in 12th century is much used by filmmakers including for James Bond and Star Wars movies?
Tip! Rent a car. A train will only get you to Como itself. The ride around the lake is one of most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

Italy – Sicilia

I really want to go back to Sicilia. Eat ice cream in Palermo, Visit the volcano Etna. Walk around the ruins of Agrigento. On the top of my list is the active volcano Stromboli. You can see lava flowing. In sicily you should definitely rent a car and drive around the island.

Portugal – Lissabon

My best kept secret is hidden in Bairro Alto. It’s called Casa do Alentejo. As soon as you set foot in this building the crowded world behind you disappears and you wander through dusty and squeaking rooms where everything has been left in place.

France – Calanque de Sormiou

The south of France is beautiful! One of the most stunning places I’ve seen so far, is a 30 minute drive (and a 45 min walk) from Marseille. It’s called Calanque de Sormiou. You can snorkel and swim while enjoying every shade of blue. The water is crystal clear and it’s a hidden gem where you hardly hear any cars. The walk towards this calanque is breathtaking as well.


There are two travel options in Iceland. You can choose to hitchhike or rent a car in Iceland. I would definitely go for option two. Iceland has so many surrealistic landscapes, gigantic waterfalls, crazy geological wonders and views that need no words. In the summer the sun doesn’t set, which creates plenty of options to do hikes without meeting anyone.

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