United Wardrobe blouse (sold) and Topshop denim jeans

Blouse (already sold) on United Wardrobe, glitter top bij Asos and my Denim jeans who already had two repairs from Topshop Sydney in Australia. Adidas sneakers that need to be thrown away, because they are wornout.. but I just can’t. Watch from ICE-WATCH (they gave it to me for promotion last year) and sunglasses from the Hema, the only animal print item I own (because I dislike animal print clothing).
I take a lot of care of my clothes. If something can be fixed, I let it fix. If sweaters are getting holes, I create more holes to give the illusion it was mend to be. I’m not a fan of the consume economy. To have more will not make me feel better. To treasure what you have creates a true happiness feeling in me. But I guess that something that would be a good thought for a lot of people in rich countries; treasure what you have in case of what you don’t have. That’s why FOMO might be turned into an actual psychological disease. Some think I have an abundance of clothes, I might have more compared to the average student. I still own pieces that are at least 7 years old. But a lot of clothes you see on my Instagram account are borrows from friends 😉

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