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I live in the eastside of the Netherlands. For all you geo nerds; that’s 1,5 hours away from Amsterdam. The places I daily pass doesn’t have a fancy canel system, old decorative buildings and pretty small boutiques. Even though Enschede has some pretty places, it rose from textile industry which created large static buildings. At the moment Enschede is growing into a very good shopping city. It will have the biggest ZARA in the Netherlands, Primark has a prominent place (unfortunately in my opinion). Mango, Superdry, Scotch&Soda have opened their doors and there are many more to come. However, it’s not photogenic and that’s something I truly miss. I’m always on the hunt for new cool places but I seem to end up at the harbor or at the industrial area of nearby cities.

Coat | Secondhand
Shirt | Asos
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