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Green Shein Dress and Green Vero Moda Jacket

I often wonder why so many of my colleague-bloggers pose continuously in front of buildings. I’m way more into the dodgy, creepy alleys, heavy industry (or the complete opposite like forests, endless cornfields etc) locations. The colours, the roughness, the history of it all enchants me. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be a truck driver or work on the docks of Antwerp (I never had the child dream of becoming a princess haha).  The contrast you achieve by playing with colours and shapes of it all is one of the things I love most. I have no urge to pose in front of the Amsterdam Canals. It feels like I have seen it all too many times before. Instagram accounts who choose a different route like @masha and @tezza are one of my favourites. The challenge to do something else, to swim against the stream should earn way more exposure.
My green dress is from Shein. The green jacket is from Vero Moda. Jewelry is from Wanderlust&Co. The bag secondhand.

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