Chiquelle spijkerjurk

I can recall the last time that I wore a Pinafore. In the Netherlands we say Spijkerjurk (in this case) and Overgooier. I knew I had one, with a plaid design when I was little. I also know that I’ve loved this piece as I hated clothing that attached too much around my waist. At the same time I was too tomboy to wear a dress (I always climbed the trees) which resulted in the Pinafore being the perfect solution. I’m glad Chiquelle send this to me and show it to you guys. I realise that I need more of these items. They are pretty, breezy and cool to combine with a shirt/blouse/sweater. This time I’ve styled it with a Chiquelle blouse and some sneakers to avoid making it too “pwitty pwincess”. What do you think?


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