Cactus Walhalla

It’s been years since I last had a “decent” (read: with a make-up artist and stylist) shoot.  Even with nostalgia and mixed feelings I remembered  why I loved shoots. You might not guess it but I love it when people do my hair. Probably I have all my nerves on my head and as soon as somebody starts to brush I’m floating on air.

The shoot wasn’t for this look (eventhough I think it looks friggin good). I had the honor to pose in gorgeous vintage wedding dresses which I will keep you posted on.

P.s. The location is also stunning. It’s created by Annie and Bert who became obsessed with cactuses and now have a glasshouse of 6000 square meter. You can find their cactus Walhalla in Ruurlo (Gelderland, The Netherlands).


Dress | Yoins
Bag | Yoins

(Pictures made by www.kiive.nl, edited by me).

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