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2018 self-glorification

Hi all, I’ve been away for a bit and I’m not that sure either if I want to continue my blog or Instagram.

This whole blog-thing, the so called influencer crowd and the way Instagram is changing leaves a bitter taste of self-glorification in my mouth.

Something I don’t want and definitely something I’m not on the hunt for.
I guess the part of the fakeness around it hit me too hard and too blunt. This industry is broken, obsessed with quantity rather than quality. Craving for sponsorships. Reflecting the narcissistic digital life in real life. Sometimes I wonder what is left of a person when their digital life gets erased.
New people I meet are positively surprised by who I am actually am. Not some egocentric, stuckup b*tch who cares more about herself then her surrounding. It’s actually quite the opposite and that’s hurtful. We all know that magazines, movies, commercials sell illusions and we all know that Instagram is just another medium doing the same. Then how come it’s still so convincing to many to believe what we see, rather then its selling purpose.
And why are so many getting angry? While we joyfully watch another Disney movie with happy skinny people and a happy ending that is doing exactly the same?
It’s the whole self-glorification that I can’t get rid of. Is that what I am doing? Rather than expressing, I am craving self worth? I wouldn’t know anymore. Perhaps I’m fooling myself and I’m just another slave to the system.

Blouse | GSUS
Necklace | Chicuu
Jeans | Topshop
Shoes | DR. Martens
Bag | Hieleven

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