Where I grew up

This is small glimpse of where I grew up. In the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by forests and fields of green. The air was always filled with the smell of leaves and dirt. The winters were cold and we all sat in front of the fireplace. My parents house has three of them. I use the see my own breath in the morning as I woke up seeing frost on my bedroom window. I even slept in a “bedstee”(A traditional Dutch bed). My highschool was a bike ride of 50 min (one way). My life was dominated by animals. I raised sheeps, played with the dogs, cuddled with the cats and fed the horses. I climbed the trees, made huts in the cornfields, stared at the starry night sky and I can tell you everything about creatures that live in ponds . The sound of cows and tractors is something I miss.  The turbulence of a big city is exciting, agressive, luring and hectic is appealing but only for so long. I need to breath air and feel grass under my feet. This is where I feel truly at home.

The dress I am wearing use to be of my mom. My boots are from Ivy Revel and my hat from Asos

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peaky blinders cosplay
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Eva runs “Eveoaks” since 2015 which quickly grew into an edgy and streetstyle based fashion blog.  She has worked with brands like Booking.com, Rituals, Livera, Jo Malone, Esprit, Vero Moda, Arket, Monki, Chiquelle and many more.