Workshop Color and Style Advice by BoomImpress and Custom Maid

wf2-copyEver wondered which colors look good on you  and which colors you should avoid?
Last Saturday I drove to Utrecht to join a workshop color and style advice by Joella van der Boom a.k.a Boomimpress. She is a personal shopper, style and color consultant.

I’ve never had professional style advice before. My friends are my indicator if my stubborn inner-stylist wants an opinion. I know certain colors look better on a darker skinned person than on my own skin. This made me believe to avoid soft pastel colors till I had some tan.


Joella works with the color method created by Image Proof. This consists of 12 unique color types. They are inspired by the seasons and their contrast.  For example: light-summer and dark-autumn.
With 12 different color charts she figures out which colors matches your skin tone, hair color and eye color.

The blonde haired girls were in the majority during the workshop. I assumed we would all have the same color chart. Until Joella told me that the colors that fitted the other blonde girls, weren’t my colors at all!! I looked like a pale snow angel when soft pastel colors were placed in front of my body.

My own color preference is black, white, every shade of grey dark red and dark green. I’m not a big fan of bright screaming colors.
It surprised me that many items of my wardrobe weren’t colors that flattered me.  Purple, blue, red, greys and green are the best pick. And surprisingly pastel yellow is also a good option. Within the Image Proof method I’m a dark-spring.

Besides your personal color chart, Joella also researches your body type.  We all know the apple-pear type story. But too be honest, I guess many of us don’t have an obvious bodytype.
With a measurement tape Joella measures your body and calculates which of the 6 categories you are.
I’m almost a hourglass-type but because my shoulders are wider than usual I fit the “straight/round” body type.  No bootstrap collars or off-shoulder tops for me.  It accentuates your shoulders.
Within your bodytype more distinctions are made regarding your neck, leg length and posture.
I have long legs thus ¾ pants aren’t really my thing but my leg is long so chokers are a great choice (yes)!


I’ve really enjoyed this workshop and I will have a different perception during my future shopping spree.  Colors are really important when it comes to picking the right dress.  One can wear shiny textures and look great while it makes another appear tacky.
But I do believe that your favorite colors shouldn’t disappear. If you love black and you’ll wear it until the end of days, it wouldn’t make sense to suddenly change your color choices drastically. It’s you that makes the outfit and it’s rarely the other way around.


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