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What to do against a cold?

Hurray, it’s February. The world is cold, grim and dark. We are an easy target to catch a cold or even worse; the flu. I’m also struck by a sniveling nose and an annoying cough. But quick enough I’m up and running again with these tips.

Ginger, lemon tea
This magical tea gives a boost to your immune system and taste delicious. Ginger stimulates blood circulation and helps to detoxify your body. Ginger is also very healthy and has a lot of vitamins and Lemonhelps to remove toxins from your liver. This yellow fruit also has a lot of vitamins.
How to make tea from it? Cut the ginger in little pieces, put them in a glass of boiling water and add lemon. You can change the taste by adding some honey. I usually boil the ginger together with hot water.

Rest, rest, rest
Stop what you are doing and give your body a break. It is sick and it needs to heal. Go binge watch your favorite serie, break your sleeping record, read a book, play your favorite game. You only have one body, care it for it like it’s the most precious thing in the world.

Do not exercise
I don’t understand why people exercise when they are feverish/having a cold. Your body needs to heal. Giving it more tough tasks to handle will not help you get any better soon.  This also applies when you are hung-over. Be nice to your body

When you are sick your body heaths itself up. This is because your body has certain “substances” that needs to fight this disease. And they work better when there is a high body temperature. Help your body by taking a hot shower/bath.  But, don’t overheat yourself.

Garlic, onion and sambal
This is what I like to call my “gruwelpotje.” It’s a mixture of loads of garlic, a large onion and spicy sambal (chili). Mostly I add some olive oil and a little spaghetti to make it eatable.  I love this dish, and I’ll always feel better afterwards.
Maybe because garlic has a powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.
Onions is already used for a millennia to prevent flu and colds. It’s also been used for bacterial-infections.

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