What are good fashion trends?

What are good fashion trends?
Hmm…. I think the off shoulder dresses and tops are still a thing.

Shouldn’t you know stuff like that? You’re a fashion blogger!
Perhaps, I don’t feel the urge or the obligation to scan through all the fashion week pictures and find some coherent trends which will appear on the streets in about 6 months.
I also don’t feel the urge of following trends. It feels like they are a restriction of creativity.
Saying fashion bloggers should know and follow trends is like demanding that all flowers must be purple.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with trends and those who follow them closely. It’s just not my cup of tea.
Today that might be the sweater from my boyfriend and tomorrow a dark and heavy metal outfit. Fashion is expression, and every day has a different feel or vibe, at least for me.

Following trends means fitting right in, being safe. I do understand the comfort. I’ve been called names because my fashion wasn’t part of the crowd. Even today, teenage girls on the streets produce soft whispers when I pass them by. It’s more peaceful to restrict your wardrobe to accepted pieces by the masses. What is different often creates confusion and that leads to rejection.
Such a shame because creativity should be encouraged.

I think fashion bloggers are there to shift these borders instead of only following the prescription-trends of upcoming season. Aren’t we on the world wide web to display our creativity and find inspiration for our future looks?

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