Tampering for boring perfection.

Nobody is perfect and thank DNA for this. The flawless, gorgeous stunning babes are only convincingly in magazines and on  Instagram. Still images, created by giant teams.  I’ve even seen a pictures of myself as a stretched out, smooth and oiled skin, a feministic bombshell.

Somehow, these kind of images are totally selling out make-up stores, plastic surgery appointments and new ridiculous crash diets.
Industries built on improving yourself, but also feeding insecurity as a vicious circle. You will never reach that sold perfection, no matter which product you try… but it’s too contagious to stop.
Isn’t it a bit ridiculous that I know many girls that are refusing to go outside without make-up?
Isn’t it a bit ridiculous that instead of promoting natural beauty, girls with boobjobs, nosejobs and lipfillers have a whole new platform? Not only Instagram but also on a Victoria Secret runway that is the most viewed catwalk show and is considered a dream of many young girls. I wonder if this is a healthy road to take, or a new way of exploitation.  Are we being taught that it’s okay to change your outer self, rather than understanding where your inner conflict comes from in the first place?Even I was suggested to get a nose job, because hell we all want that perfect nose without a funny bump (really?? Why the hell would I change something that characterizes me).
Of course I also wear make-up, I also like to go to a store with friends to find a cool lipstick.

Social media has given as more freedom of speech and imagery. But social media has also given us new trends and one trend shows a new twisted standard of perfection.  Girls that turned into bombshells by tampering with their bodies. Yes, they are absolutely stunning but they are also scary at the same time…and they have millions of fans. What could’ve only be reached in magazines can now be created in real life, setting a whole new standard of how you should look.  Instead of embracing and promoting our characteristics we remove it and display a perfect example of boring perfection.

Maybe I wake up one day, look in the mirror and see an old face. I might just be agitated to tryout botox. But I hope to turn into one of those elegant ladies I saw in Italy. Strolling around in a beautiful dress. Being old, elegant and gorgeous. I guess that’s true beauty… embracing yourself.



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Eva runs “Eveoaks” since 2015 which quickly grew into an edgy and streetstyle based fashion blog.  She has worked with brands like Booking.com, Rituals, Livera, Jo Malone, Esprit, Vero Moda, Arket, Monki, Chiquelle and many more.