T3 Micro SinglePass LUXE review

If you have straight hair, you want curls. If you have curls you want straight hair. It’s not uncommon to crave the opposite of what your mom and dad have given you.
And it’s fun to walk around with a different style.. But, and I presume I’m not the only one, it shouldn’t take hours of your time.

I’ve been blessed with wavy hair which craves sunshine and sea salt (there is something in seawater, I kid you not). Sometimes my friends use me as a living doll and curl my hair and it takes… long, too long. But I can’t quite shake the poppy feeling it provides me, which led me to the opposite side of long straight, reflective hair.

My face is oblong shaped and I was assuming that if I wanted to make long hair work; volume is the key. Long and straight hair might encourage the long shape of my face and could be less flattering.
(Kind of secret: I think a bob looks the best on me, but I’m not ready to give up on my long hair).

t3 micro singlepass luxe review
t3 micro singlepass luxe

The T3 Micro team was very kind to provide me with one of their gorgeous T3 Micro SinglePass Luxe hair straightener and boy.. The results were incredible.

There is one thing you have to be really careful of when using a T3 Micro goodie. Their products work fast and extremely well. And I’m not saying that out of kindness. After 10 years of modeling I have seen my fair share of hair straighteners and curling irons… but these babies are top notch. If you are used to waiting at least 3 minutes before you could detect any heat you have to be careful because these babies are plug&play.

Eventhough the SinglePass LUXE is a hair straightener it can also be relied on to add volume, flips, waves, and even curls.

Now, let’s see the results!

t3 micro singlepass luxe review
t3 micro singlepass luxe
t3 micro brand review
singlepass Luxe review

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