stuffThere was a time (of which I’m not ashamed) of having little money.
The money I received had be used for a little food and travel expenses only.
There was no luxury and I was living everywhere and nowhere as I didn’t had a home.
You might thinks it’s horrible, but it actually gave a feeling of freedom and breathing space. I had one suitcase with my belongings, that was it.
I didn’t knew where I would spend the night, but I had confidence of knowing it would be just fine.
And let me tell you; the kindness of people taking you in is far more pleasant then receiving a wonderful dress.
I feel blessed that I have experienced some kind of poverty and that I have experienced the filthy richness in the world, which might make me sound like a crazy person.
Ofcourse poverty is a horrible thing.  And to see how one person pays thousands for friendly company while the other struggles to find food is sickly.
The craving of having more stuff, more money to fill the empty holes in our hearts as media tells us is a distorted view of what truly brings happiness.
It’s not true, ofcourse it’s not true. So why buy or wanting so much unnecessary stuff?

When I came home I felt somewhat confused as I walked into my old room of my parents’ house.
Forgotten, how much useless stuff I had.  Interior accessories, a television, funny little toys, clothes which I hadn’t wore at all. Stuff that I haven’t missed for one bit suddenly choked me.
That same day I threw out (or gave away) everything I didn’t need. My room became a sober, empty place with just a few pieces which had a personal value.
I still try to live like this.  I find peace in knowing that all my precious belongings fit in 2 suitcases. Funny huh?

Picture: Stuff I have that has a personal value



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Eva runs “Eveoaks” since 2015 which quickly grew into an edgy and streetstyle based fashion blog.  She has worked with brands like, Rituals, Livera, Jo Malone, Esprit, Vero Moda, Arket, Monki, Chiquelle and many more.