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I’m a person that stresses a lot. I can stress about almost everything. Why do I have so much laundry, why does my laptop have snail speed, why hasn’t my order arrived yet, why is the weather bad again.
Useless energy that could have been used for something good rather than leaving you with a sad and tired feeling.  
So… Stop stressing! That’s easier said than done; as soon as something starts bugging me again my stress meter jumps into the red zone.

I would love to change it, but I have no idea how to become a stress-less person. My short internet research gave me just a few tips regarding “lowering stress levels” I’m already a tidy person, I’m trying not to multitask and I’ve accepted my sticker as a perfectionist.. which doesn’t help at all because perfectionist tend to stress harder.  Therefore I came up with my own method of steering my stress meter into the green zone.

Think why this certain situation (or object) gives you stress. Can you change it by being stressful? I’m calling this the  why-method.  When I’m digging in my brain to find the answer for my behavior, it feels like I’m peeling an onion. Often I feel like I haven’t got enough time. Especially now, when I’m enjoying my last weeks of holiday I feel the urge to do so many things which I believe I won’t do when school starts again. Rather than getting angry and stressful I should enjoy my free time and have some faith that all my to-do list things will be completed eventually. 

Obviously I’m not Hermione with her magic time-turner.

Sometimes I have to do something which I hate and get all worked up about it. Like learning for a horrific exam, or having an awful talk with somebody. My solution would be to start straight away. Deferral leads to more stress, nail biting and even more restlessness. Just think about the relief you’ll experience when you did do some hours of exam studying.

Ok I’ve found the reasons. I’ve analyzed it for a couple of seconds and I rationally know that it will get me nowhere to stress about it, but I still have this gnawing feeling of restlessness inside me. The only way to become a zen yoga master again is to relax. It turns out that being good to myself is a great method.  No, this doesn’t mean shop until you drop. Or eat until you burst. But do something relaxing which is also good physically/mentally like reading a book, taking  a shower or exercise (always good to release some energy). If you have problems with relaxing like me, ask a friend to help you set up a relax-alarm. Time. in which you do solely stuff you enjoy.  When it comes to exam learning I would relax every 20 minutes and drink a cup of tea or walk around the park. This doesn’t feel like deferral but rather as a support for better studying as stress reduces learning ability.

For now I believe these are the two main points to focus on.
I will keep you updated on my stress less experience.

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