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Shein is an asian online shop and according to whois domain tools registered since 1998. The first time I came across Shein, back then better known as sheinside or shein official, must have been in 2007. Already then, they had a large clothing webshop and collaborated with bloggers on Lookbook. It should not come as a surprise that they are also behind the online shop Romwe (and probably more like Gamiss and Zaful).

Now, in 2018 Shein is still going strong. Collaborating with Instagram fashion influencers and spending a crazy amount on Adwords. is now also available in different languages like German, French and Dutch. And if you do a quick search it seems they haven’t left any continent behind; UK, AU, US.. they are everywhere.

In the past and at the moment I collaborate with Shein in a barter deal fashion. (Perhaps after this honest review and insight not anymore).
I’ve always been happy with my clothing and blogging collaboration thus far (though sometimes the fabric and sewing job could have been better).
Even now, when they’ve launched a Dutch website, with horrible Dutch sentences, I cheer for them.

HOWEVER, some aspect could really use some improvements. And here is why:

Where is shein based?

Their about page states the following: From what started as a small group of passionate fashion loving individuals in North Brunswick, New Jersey in 2008,…..
This is as far as I can tell, not true. Especially if you’re looking at their terms and conditions: “For any other type of purchases, these terms are an agreement between you and ZOETOP BUSINESS CO.,LIMITED” And if you search for ZOETOP BUSINESS CO you’ll find that this company is based in Hong Kong. If you keep reading you’ll also find “shall be construed in accordance with, and governed by, the law of the Hong Kong.” Which sounds to me as if they are based in Hong Kong and not in New Jersey.

However, I think Shein really originated in ShenZhen, wellknown for “ It’s known for its shopping destinations, including Luohu Commercial City, a massive mall with a vast array of wares, from tailors’ custom clothing to faux designer bags (Source; Wikipedia). I found this link, but I’m not completely convinced.

boho trends 2018

Is shein legit?

Shein is cheap and has a lot (a lot) of clothing. Although their website translators could have done a better job, the biggest question in Google appears to be “Is Shein legit?”
Internet is crawling with different Shein clothing reviews, of which many are negative. We tend to leave a bad review faster after a negative experience but the amount of complaints is strikingly high.

These Shein reviews have the following complaints alike.

Clothing is not true to size (too small)

Shein is an asian webshop. Even though their focus is on the European and American market, their clothing is more suitable for asian girls, which are usually smaller and with less curves.
A size M in China for example is not the same size M as we have in Europe.

Tips if you would like to order:
-Pick a larger size.
-Choose loose fitting clothes.
-Tryout 1 or 2 cheap items first. I saw people leaving a review of having spend 100,- on the wrong clothing size. Better be safe than sorry
-If you are a tall girl like me (1.80) don’t think about getting that cute jumpsuit. It won’t fit.

Shein returns are impossible.

“The return label doesn’t work”
“I’ve received a coupon instead of my money back.”
“There’s no phone number on the website, I can’t reach them”
These are the three complaints that keep reappearing on my screen.
Again, Shein is an asian webshop and just like many other asian webshops, money is always a big issue. And I do think there is a high chance of not getting your money or partially (due to shippings costs) back.

Tips if you would like to order:
-Don’t spend a large amount of money.
-Accept that you might be the unlucky one.

These tips are of course ridiculous and you should get your money back if you’re not satisfied. This is a rule in Europe (probably also in America) In Asia probably not so much.


That’s why I also add a tip for Shein (if they ever read this).

Hi, Shein crew.
You have so many lovely clothing, but please rethink your customer service and loyalty program(s). Order something at Asos and see how they are handling it. (great chat options, working return labels, money back guarantee and no coupons). Especially the Dutch folks over here aren’t charmed by companies with bad customer service and false pretences. You may have your money now, but a bad reputation might ruin the chance of a true success. Loyalty is key and a happy customer is a returning customer!

Long delivery times

Some people receive their clothes in a timely (10 days) manner. Others have to wait weeks, if not months.
It’s like ordering from a Chinese wholesaler on Ebay. Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it takes a week and sometimes even longer.

Tips if you would like to order:
-Take the delivery time with a pinch of salt, just don’t order a dress for that upcoming party next weekend.

My Shein review as a blogger

My experience with Shein have been and is positive.
Besides my blog collaborations, I’ve ordered twice from them and I received my package within 2 weeks and the items where true to their size and fitted properly.
I’ve also had several blogger collaborations and besides a jumpsuit that didn’t fit properly, I was surprised about the price-quality. I especially like the Shein dresses. I know from experience that the long ones fit very well.

My personal Shein tips.

I stay away from jeans, jumpsuits, and short dresses. I also usually stay away from any white fabrics as many are see through and I don’t like that. But hey, that’s with white dresses you can buy in the stores over here too.

My contact with Shein as a blogger

Was a bit difficult at the beginning. Sometimes I had the feeling they couldn’t understand everything what I was writing to them. Their messages are also repetitively, but they try to do their best of helping you (as a blogger).

picknick look

Overall tips

-Look what the bloggers are wearing and see for yourself if a item is true to its size and image. I think many girls who collaborate with Shein would love to help you out.

-Watch Youtube reviews. There a lot of reviews out there and I recommend watching a few of them. These girls have an honest attitude.

Please let me know if you have any more information that could contribute to this article!


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