Secondhand is the sh*t HMMKAY!?

Yes! Damn right. I hope whoever reads this is already over the fact that secondhand shops have this typical smell of mothballs and nostalgic dust. To me secondhand shops are like a goldmine. The bigger, darker and more cluttered they are, the better!
In secondhand shops you can’t hold on to some transient trend that is out next week. In these stores you have to embrace creativity, to find those pearls somewhere inside those piles of garments.
Besides don’t we kind of owe it to the planet? With this consumer urge of buying something new every week the true dirtiness lies in the fact that we choose to not see how clothes are actually manufactured.
Yes ofcourse, pointing a finger now at me is a very simplistic act to avoid some self confrontation. Ofcourse I also buy something at a Mango or Zara from time to time. “Aint nothing wrong with that.” It’s the disposable behaviour of buying something very cheap, wear it 3 times until it’s falls of your body”. But hey, now you can buy again some very cheap garments, wear them 3 times and end up in a never ending cycle of climate destruction.
Alright, enough rage for now! I’m into the secondhand thing and I would like to present you some of my looks with these beauties.
Plus have you seen my secondhand boutique already on United Wardrobe? I call my items vintage (some of them actually are!), because secondhand still sounds too dirty to many. I know the definition is incorrect. But let’s think of it as Fake or Faux. Faux just sounds more sophisticated.

Blazer: Vintage Bijenkorf. I even found some old coins in one of the pockets.

Coat: My Levis denim jacket is some damn good Vintage.

Dress: Bought it in such a cool secondhand store in Melbourne, Australia.

Bag: I mean, can you believe this? It has history written all over it.

Skirt: Vintage H&M… can we say that?

Dress: Velvet is always a good winter choice.

Coat: Orange is the new black? No! Orange is orange!

Coat: I bet some lovely old grandpa wore this with pride.

Coat: Put some fancy designer logo on this jacket and people would believe it.

There is way more secondhand on my blog! Can you spot it?


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