Omg you’re so skinny part 2/2

hmmIn part 1 I wrote about small fragments of my life that have stuck around for quite some time regarding my bodyshape. When I read about it now it feels like I need to explain myself and sometimes even excuse myself for how I look.

The well known angles.
In some angles I look incredible, unhealthy skinny. I do not select these pictures.
In some other angles I look like I gain 12 pounds. I do not select these pictures.
It depends on your camera lens, the way you turn your body, the clothes you are wearing, the body part that is closes to the camera. They are all tricks.

This is the same body. Left when I was walking towards the camera with my lower body closer to the camera. Right, a different camera and my head closer to the camera. My body looks completey different. I’ve used both pictures.

My final comment.
It’s an unwritten rule that it’s allowed to insult skinny people. There are so many creative puns people come up with; Skeleton, stick figure, skin and bones, anorexic, bulimic, child body, emaciated. And obviously I’m wearing children clothes. Those words don’t hurt me at all, but I can imagine that it hurt others. I still have no idea why people like to body shame. Is it because of their own discomfort or insecurity? Why hurt others when they can’t do anything about YOUR situation.
And if someone insult me for being skinny and I’m turning the tables by saying that this person is easy to look at, then why does it feel like a bomb just exploded? In Dutch we call this “Een koekje van eigen deeg geven” (treat the other how they have treated you, to make them understand how it feels).
This bullshit about body types, body shaming, comparing yourself with other is a ridiculous, dissatisfying nonsense that will not make anyone feel any better. If you are unhappy, than you are the only one who can change it, stop bullying others like a 10 year old kid.
If someone feels like writing another blogpost about big is beautiful and skinny girls are afraid of eating. Or “how to get thin” And show curvy girls pictures as a fitness motivation then you must understand that people of whatever body type see your images/posts and might feel hurt.
No one should judge that one certain body type is better than the other one. It’s all about the appearance and confidence you carry out and that’s the most important factor which comes in all shapes and sizes.


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