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Home interior introducing Desenio

In the upcoming weeks I will post little parts of the house which I really like, even though it’s far from finished.
The sounds of the hammer drill already have familiar feeling and the sandy shoes of painters, tilers and electricians have made me explode several times.

I’m most thrilled about the balcony which most likely turn into a jungle of plants and herbs. Who doesn’t love the smell of basil in the morning?
My studio up in the attic is almost finished. White walls, white desk, white curtains and a white floor. I’m a cautious decorator. There is no urgency to stuff my attic up with screaming decorations, kitchy figures and English quote-frames about how to live your life. Still there is a lot to do before my attic and the whole house for that matter, could be a contender of an interior magazine.

I fell in love with these three graphic prints from Desenio. These posters give my attic a calm and relaxed vibe. Above the posters are two geometric designs I made myself by welding the iron wires together. After finishing up these designs I helped with the welding of the bodywork of an oldtimer, which was very cool!
The branch was part of a big tree that fell on my parents house. They were lucky as it only scraped against one side of the house. I decided to take one of the branches home with me, sandpapered it for hours and presumably put some paintwork on it in the future. Both plants are presents from friends. Plants, books and jewelry are the best gifts someone can give to me.

Living room
The cabinet is originally from Yugoslavia. A merchant took it to the Netherlands and sold it to my boyfriend. On the top of the cabinet is an old soccer ball and decorations which were all gifts. The large gorgeous poster of Desenio finishes it off with a cool look. I adore the small magnetic plants that are attached to the cabinet and I’m planning on getting more of these adorable ones. The large lamp on the right side is the first piece of furniture that me and my boyfriend bought together. We still have no clue if this lamp is really old (rust everywhere) or made to look old. The chest and items placed on top of it belong to my boyfriend who scavenged some of it and received other items as a gift.

The livingroom is my favorite part of the house and I will show you guys some more pictures  in the upcoming weeks!


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