Goodbye winter depressions

All those leaves and beautiful autumn colors can cause for some delusions.
The winter period in the Netherlands is just sad, grey, cold and rainy in my opinion.
It’s not the rain or the cold. It’s the lack of sunlight that plays with the mental condition of my brain.
Winter depression is a common a thing.  1.2 million people in the Netherlands alone have or will suffer from it. That’s why I would love to share my surviving-the-dutch-winter tips.

Sunlight out of a bottle.
Yes, lets start with something synthetic but necessary.  Vitamin D (gained by sunlight) is not only a vitamin but also a hormone. A lack of this babe will negatively affect many functions in your body. Unfortunately the Netherlands is located on the 52th latitude and sunlight is just not as effective as we wish it to be. I’ll always have a bottle of Vitamin D in hindsight. Also thinking about it? There are many differences between brands! Be sure about your choice.

Endorphins, serotonin, melatonin.
Darkness is cool in movies, but I can’t imagine anybody who embraces a lack of light. Besides a bottle of synthetic sunlight. Doing something that triggers endorphins is always a good idea. For me this is swimming. I love to swim and it always makes me feel relaxed and happy. No matter how stressed I was before. Find you endorphin-kick.

Snow, white snow.
Snow is white and it reflects light. That’s a pretty rhyme, but that’s also your cue to go outside.
Soak up every little beam of light, plus being outside is good for you.  No time to feel cold; I’ll never grow up so I’ll throw snowballs at everybody who comes near.
Go to a forest and make magical pictures, go ice-skating. And when you definitely can’t feel your fingers that cup of coco is just what you deserve.

December should be best friend with January and February.
Christmas lights and decorations, little campfires, the whole cozy vibe that is covered upon December is something that should be continued in the other dark months.
Let sign a petition that all Christmas lights should remain until there is a hint of spring.

Stop stating the obvious.
Dutch people love to complain about weather. It’s rains, yes that sucks! What can you do about it? Nothing? For real? Let’s move on then. Stating the obvious will not get anywhere. Either accept you live in the Netherlands or do something about it.




  1. October 29, 2017 / 3:10 am

    I love this post! WInter can be hard, special in this type of countries. I’m glad you are taking the most out of it and battling the winter depressions! Hope it all works out!
    To Read With Tea

  2. October 29, 2017 / 6:09 pm

    I can totally understand why some people feel depressed about this, but I am most happy when the days are grey and rainy and it’s cold outside and all of that…. I don’t know I guess I just find it absolutely beautiful that the season changes and I sort of get amazed by the changes every season! But I think it’s really important to find ways to beat that “winter depression” and I think your tips are amazing ones!
    Lucie, xx

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