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A happy working class hero

My student life is over and I’ve entered the world of grownups.
Being responsible, paying my taxes and finding a job is what I spend my last months with.
Finding a job scared the hell out of me. With previous bad experiences job searching felt like climbing the Mount Everest.  But the prospect of rejection isn’t what I feared.


If you ever did a day of modeling castings you’ll get rejected at least 7 times.


It’s the fear of what comes after. Entering an endless bore of office work and obsessive clock watching. A job where the foresight of lunchtime would be the highlight of the day. A job on which Mondays scream for Fridays. .

I can imagine I’m not the only one. There is however, not a single cell in my body that screams “just accept the fact that that’s how it’s going to be”.  Besides, I didn’t even know what I wanted to be in the first place.

So now what?
My friends know my obsession for social media and data. I just want to know everything about it  and if I could do this all day I’m a very happy person. I do like my blog and I really enjoy working with social media. But making a decent earning out of your blog is hard and only gets harder with the massive competition and the numerous colleagues out there who are accepting promotional items for free. It’s just too difficult to eat a dress, or fill the tank of your car with mascara. I could however, imagine myself helping brands and organizations within the social maze online.

Even in 2017, social marketing is a new type of job.  Especially if you live on the east side of the Netherlands. Could I ever find something worthwhile, exciting and that would pay?

The answer is YES!

It took some weeks of self doubt and insecurity but I can happily say that I am employed! With three different jobs no least! Some of them are projects; others will be for a longer of period of time. And even though that does include some risks, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Working in an office 2/3 days a week and working for other companies in the comfort of my own home works really well for me. It’s amazing and just what I needed.

The freelance world is big online and with several big platforms there’re a lot of (international) options. Besides, there are also plenty of companies (even in Twente) that are in need of part-time people. I wrote a tremendous amount of applications and didn’t expect anything.  But, with effort, perseverance and a bit of luck, responses came through!

Never stop learning.
I did get rejected several times and I asked people around me what could be improved. The key is to know what type of skills companies need. With social marketing, SEO and data analytics are a great way to get hired more easily.  Getting a Google analytics certification is free and looks good (I mean… it’s Google). Find those extra set of skills needed. Knowledge nowadays can be learned for free online! And knowledge is power.

(P.S. I had to include this picture).


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