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‘Grow up,’ I must have heard those two words a hundred times.
I can’t help it, as soon as this comes out of somebody’s mouth I need to rebel.
To me, growing up means to be boring, be tired, to have children, to work 40 hours a week, to get exhilarated by a new gadget that brightens up your life for 5 seconds.
Goodbye crazy parties, goodbye impulsive actions, goodbye funky outfits. Welcome to world where all the conversations starts with “quite the weather isn’t it?”
No, screw this! I want to be a teenager, not facing any responsibility! Or do I?

“Growing up” does not “equal getting older”

I don’t mind getting older. I’m actually quite content about it. The 21 year old me was a screaming rampage. Full of insecurities, hormones and weekly identity crisis.
The older I’m getting, the less I’m worried about how people perceive me, how I feel about my flaws and so on. I feel proud about who I am today and what I have accomplished. A 21 year old me would never even think this.

Time to move on, ahum, I mean grow up

I tried to go around my definition of “growing up” for a long time. Money has always been a focus point. I feel like it’s a thing we are way too occupied with. Should we hand in 40 hours of our life (now that we are still vital) every week so we can earn money for materialistic things that fulfill us for a slight moment. Long road trips where we could discover the world aren’t an option. You don’t even need a ton of money for it, but work allows you just a few weeks off every year.
For me it became an obsession  to earn it in a creative way that doesn’t fit traditional working society. Let’s have 4 somewhat jobs at the same time. Let’s blog fulltime, let’s freelance!, let’s start a business. I was running around so fast that I was going the opposite way of my initial plan. I worked harder, worked longer and received little respect and appreciation.  
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Do I really want to be a fulltime blogger? NO!
Do I want to be a fulltime photographer? NO!
Do I want to keep working at places with no prosperity? NO!
Do I want to continue being a fulltime freelancer? NO!

And there I said it. “Time to grow up.” I thought I was going mad.
I love my blog and I love photography, but if I turn it into a fulltime job I believe my love for it would eventually run out. If I wanted to get anywhere with my life I needed to invest time  something comprehensive, that asks for realistic challenges and to create something stable.
Ofcourse I will continue blogging and photographing, just with a different feel to it.
And that might just mean to hand in hours in return.

And so my third week of being an almost fulltime employee has begun….. It’s a big change, but I feel satisfied and excited by all the things I can do and learn.
Even though I had the chance to work at great retail companies I turned 180 degrees and decided to take a different road and work in a different branch.

I needed fresh air and I found it. For now, growing up is not that bad. But don’t start asking me when I’m having children, because that’s something in the way, way.. WAY future.



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  1. November 14, 2018 / 12:17 pm

    Dat zwarte meubel is zo knap! Echt, heerlijk speels. En die vodkafles hebben wij ook. Crystal Head, niet? 🙂

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