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A beachy look using the Insiders products.

A beachy hair look in winter? There are many products that promise you this wavy hairdo, but I haven’t found any true magic potion yet.
I presume only a visit to the beach would ensure you this kind of result, even though I would love to have it permanently.
Luckily I got my hands on 4 types of product from a new product line called Undone from the Insiders. They promise me a gorgeous wavy look. And I’m very happy to share my results with you.

Side notes:
– I’m not good with hair, I mostly comb it and tame it with some hairspray if it decides to reach for the sky.
-I prefer fresh and spicy scents. This mostly results in choosing male oriented shampoos/body washes and perfumes.

Walk on the beach seaweed shampoo
The first thing I noticed is the smell of ginger and orange and it smells delicious.
It’s also non paraben, non perfume and animal testing free. That’s great because I would never put any animal tested caring products on my skin.
After rinsing the shampoo it gives my hair a rough touch. It really feels I came straight out of the ocean and I’m curious what would happen to my hair if I wouldn’t use a conditioner afterwards.

Walk on the beach conditioner.
Another great smell. It reminds me of orange juice in the summer (no joke).  This conditioner is just like its big sister also free from paraben, perfume and animal testing. Additionally it has a UV filter and X-HP thermoprotector, more goodness for my hair!
The conditioner untangles my hair well and it feels like a proper good product.

Supernatural thickening cream.

I’m a bit afraid of products calling themselves creamy. It mostly results in an oily hairdo, which makes my hair look wispy and greasy.
After applying the cream as suggested, my hair feels like it has a little coating and this coating actually produces more volume. Great!! I have a bit of natural wavy hair, but this product enriches the texture. I have to get used to the feeling of the coating though. But you’ll also notice a beachy coating of sea salt and sand in your hair, like when you’re at the beach.
Dip in the ocean Beach Spray
This product feels as a finishing touch that creates the beach look even more.  Like the description tells you, it doesn’t stick, which is a great plus.  A very important note: don’t brush your hair afterwards. You can’t get beach hair if you keep combing it.
I’m loving these products and they will definitely be used until the last drop. My favorite would be the shampoo, but in order to get that beach look, the whole family is advised.



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