6 Months of EveOaks


Just over  6 months ago EveOaks came to life.
Just like half of the girls I started a blog. I wanted to create a website where I could bundle all my photography, illustrations and small articles. The fashion looks I posted were just for fun. Now after half a year I look back at what it did to me.

No, I’m definitely not a fashionista. Trends come and go. I’ve never seen fashion shows besides backstage and I don’t feel the urge of buying a new special exclusive collection at whatever store.
For me fashion is an awesome way of expressing feelings and identity but it’s not my lifestyle.
I also enjoy secondhand shops just as much as regular stores.

Besides that I do love to share my looks.  I remember how I Iooked at those awesome flawless fashion girls on lookbook and other mediums several years ago. Since I started posting my looks, Lookbook featured me several times!! I still feel honored.

Look at my care face.
5 months ago I felt uncomfortable standing on the streets with my soon-to-be-posted outfit.  Now I walk and jump and sing while pictures are being made and unknown people stop and stare. I care less and less about so called “funny” comments from strangers and just have fun with it.

Lenses and cameras
I picked up my photography when EveOaks was brought to life and that has been a rollercoaster ever since. Now I’m working with several modeling agencies and eager to work with more and build up a portfolio. While friends are partying until late I’m on Youtube learning more about Photoshop and Lenses. I want to give Jessica Kobeissi a shoutout for being such a wonderful teacher!
Check her out if you like fashion photography.

I’ve met some wonderful people already and some of them I call my friends.

Success is nothing without sharing.
I was so excited when a small clothing company emailed me to ask if I wanted to choose some items and blog about them.  I immediately called a friend and told her to also pick an item. More companies came and asked for collaborations which thrills me every time.  But  what’s a little success without sharing this with those who help me?


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Eva runs “Eveoaks” since 2015 which quickly grew into an edgy and streetstyle based fashion blog.  She has worked with brands like Booking.com, Rituals, Livera, Jo Malone, Esprit, Vero Moda, Arket, Monki, Chiquelle and many more.