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For the last couple of weeks I’m reviewing Chinese webshops. We all know the funny/sad but true stories about orders turning out to be differently, and sending those orders back isn’t really an option. That’s why I’m reviewing several web shop, giving you a honest opinion about my received items. In this post I talk about Sammydress.



Quality: The coat looks nice. I expected it to be a bit thicker. It’s more like a spring coat then a winter coat.
True to Image: It looks true to the image.
True to Size:  If you are a size M I advise you to take size L. The coat runs a bit small.
Overall rating: 8,6

Quality:  first of all, I love this sweater!! That said I was hoping for that warm cozy soft sweater. This one is thinner than your average sweater.
True to Image: Yes! It’s that same type of neonish red.
True to Size: It’s longer than expected. As if I stole this sweater from my boyfriend. Which I love!
Overall rating: 9,3

Quality: Beautiful thick, plaid skirt. The color is amazing. A vague purplish color, just what I expected.
True to Image:  Yes, It looks exactly like the picture.
True to Size: It’s a one size fits all and I presume it will fit most people. It doesn’t feel tight around the waist.
Overall rating: 10

Quality: It’s made out of plastic, it’s bendy. Just what you expect to get regarding the price.
True to Image: Yes, it’s that same brown-purple color.
True to Size: I expected the sunglasses to be a bit smaller. They are humongous, but I love them!
Overall rating: 9

I’m always surprised to receive such good items from Sammydress. It’s important to know that you get what you pay for.  The shipping was ok, it took around 1.5/2 weeks.

Coat| Sammydress
Sweater | Sammydress
Skirt | Sammydress
Sunglasses | Sammydress



  1. Andy
    January 10, 2017 / 5:36 am

    Amazing Outfit,looking beautiful 🙂

  2. Claudio
    January 11, 2017 / 1:29 pm

    Red (and black) is your color! 😀

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