Good intentions for 2017

I don’t consider myself a girl that follows traditions. And although I made a wish-list last year, I don’t feel the urge of writing some new points for 2017
It feels somewhat peculiar to reflect on 2016 (especially with all the drama happening in the world) as a positive year. But I happily look back.

Casual late.
I believe I’ve entered the blogging party too late.  I’m a newbie and even I can feel shifts in this whirlpool.  Quality vs. content. A change of terms; bloggers are now called influencers.  Magazines  accusing the new front row girls, brands that have changed their attitude and budget.
If only I had the guts to started a blog a couple of years ago.

Mission and vision.
The most happiest moment of 2016 for my blog, was a tag from a girl on Instagram who saw my thrift shop pictures and decided to visit the shop herself. She gave me a big thank you.
I care about the environment and raising more awareness feels rewarding.
I know I’m also promoting fast fashion, which has a huge impact on the environment.  On the one hand I feel so happy and blessed of receiving lovely collaboration requests, while on the other hand it feels somewhat wrong. To make matter worse, this whole aspect isn’t just black and white and I’m afraid to find the correct grey tone.

Meeting awesome people.
I haven’t met that many bloggers, and the related events I’ve been to made me feel out of place. But the girls that I’ve met due to my blog are some cool girls. It feels great to meet people with the same perception. Hard working girls with a beautiful brain and a writing talent. I hope to meet more inspiring people next year.

Making a couple of good quality pictures and waiting for the fame to happen will not work. I’ve never expected the amount of work it would gave me to write articles, post pictures, correspond with all sorts of people and try to be as professional and engaging as possible. It’s hard, but fun!

I have no idea what my life will hold in 2017. I will graduate; travel for 2 months in Australia and New Zealand and return to find a job that pay the bills. As much as I hope to make blogging/photography a fulltime profession, it’s not realistic and only a few lucky ones can make this hobby into a living.
That’s why I hope to find a job in branding. Even tough my background is somewhat different, I guess a different point of view can always create a breath of fresh air. Or perhaps a beautiful sunset in Australia will give me the ambition to start an initiative to reduce plastic waste… or perhaps I will be a gardener.
Whatever will happen, I’m ready for it.


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