Fashion blogs to follow 2018

There are so many fashion blogs and Instagram fashion bloggers to follow and there are only coming more and more! Which style bloggers and fashion bloggers do you follow in 2018? To be honest, I’m not really a blog reader (more of an oldskool book fan). But the’re some beautiful blogs out there that I would love to highlight here. Their style, fashion, blog layout, content and photography are just stunning.


  1. Masha (Sedgwick) (Maria Astor). – Germany

Spotted for the first time on Lookbook (6 years ago?) and seeing her grow into such a strong and sophisticated fashion blogger and brand. I love her content. She writes as if she is a dear friend who needs to ventilate about thoughts and problems. Her style is authentic, dark and unique and her recent change of Instagram content certainly worked wonders. I think she is the best blogger out there. Masha Sedgwick has it all.

  1. ByTezza or @Tezzamb – United States

I think I’ve never seen anyone grow so fast on Instagram (or any other social media platform). That’s for a very obvious a reason. Tezza and her husband Cole travel all around the world (especially Europe) and translate every photograph into a magazine cover.  Her captions are award winning t-shirt quotes and every brand is craving for her attention. She standouts by the use of her own made color filters, which became a hype after she sold them as lightroom presets (just Youtube tezzamb presets and you see a whole market going on there). Her fashionblog (which realllly looks like mine 😉 ) is one of dreamy pictures.

  1.  Rhea Gupte – India

This is pure art; her style, her writing, her photography, her website. Everything is sophisticated, feels haute couture but fragile and serene. Sometimes you can’t describe images with any words. Rhea is one of those rare people who knows exactly what to write, and to photograph. She touches you with her photography. Everything fashion outfit is well thought and perfectly put together. I think she is one of those bloggers who deserves more attention on my side of the world.

  1. Ohhcouture – Germany

Ofcourse I had to include Ohhcouture (Leonie Hanne). Here aura is: sweet, bubbly and fun. For me she is a real life doll who wouldn’t hurt a fly. She also started on Lookbook where she quickly grew with her cool outfits and beautiful sense of style. It comes without saying that Instagram embraced her immediately, making her one of those lucky few who travels all around the world in style. She presents us with a colorful, somewhat disney-like life. But sometimes that’s all I want.
Tip: This podcast explains a lot about the Ohhcouture success.

  1. Elle-May leckenby – Australia

I’m in love with her cinematography. Her style is minimalistic, vintage and elegant. The fabrics she presents just want to pop out of my screen. Everything feels like high quality craftsmanship. Which is likely supported by her fiancee and soon the be husband 1924US. If I might say out loud, I just hope that those two would make a movie. A blog and stunning photography just isn’t enough. Elle-May presents a sober style which could work in vintage movies. The way she surrounds herself with nature strengthen the all around allure of her blog and artwork.

These are the fashion blogs and style blogs I follow. I guess you can’t say they’re mainstream. That’s what made them strong established influencers. Their style is authentic, loved and have a high sense of art, one which you could find in a museum.

Do you have any beautiful blogs to follow I should know of? Let me know in a comment below!


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  1. July 20, 2018 / 1:55 pm

    Oohcouture is the only blog out of these five that I’ve heard of and read. However each one of these bloggers looks exceptionally amazing and I trust because of your recommendation that they are top level and are definitely worth checking out. Photography is one part of a blog that really can’t be worth 1000 words and set up the whole gear for the rest of the blog. It takes great talent to do this well along with writing a story or information that goes hand-in-hand with the photos. I look forward to checking all of these bloggers out more deeply and listening to Leonie’s podcast I hope you have a great weekend!

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